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Brian Pasch to Host Dealers Edge Webinar on CARS

On July 28th, I will be leading a webinar sponsored by Dealers Edge to discuss dealer marketing strategies for the Cash for Clunkers program.

The CARS program is a great opportunity for car dealers to deliver great customer service and great prices on new car sales.  By combining factory rebates with the government CARS credits, dealers can help consumers get into a new car at prices never thought possible.

The webinar is designed to help dealers communicate the program rules accurately to consumers.  The webinar is also design to help dealers focus their advertising dollars in the most effective places.  You can register for the webinar online by clicking here.

This is what Dealers Edge put together for the email blast to their members.

Cash for Clunkers Marketing Webinar

The gun will sound on July 24 and it will be off to the races.  “Cash for Clunkers” is promising to bring more excitement and customers into your showroom than you have seen for a long, long time.  Those that focus on just the “qualified” clunker owners are making a big mistake as many more customers, ready-to-buy, will be in search of a deal.  Many “not qualifed” shoppers will be primed to accept a good used car deal or may just be moved by existing factory incentives!

Handle the customers properly and you will build your brand integrity in your local community.

Dealers Edge has waited till just after the “Rules” are released to make sure you can take advantage of every opportunity while still complying with complicated government regs.  Brian Pasch (of the DealersEdge Digital Marketing Guide WebCast Series) has put together a comprehensive marketing plan using digital as well as traditional marketing techniques to help you get more customers into your showroom.

He will share that plan on July 28 in a Live WebCast at 1:00 PM EST.  Please join us and make sure that your current marketing plans are in compliance with NHTSA rules and standards.

Dealers are also reminded that if they plan to use the NHTSA green CARS logo in the marketing plans, they must get prior approval by the NHTSA.  By submitting your materials now, you can get them approved in time to be first to market with compliant messaging.

You will learn how to develop a digital market plan to capitalize on the Cash for Clunkers program and the consumer interest it will generate.  Specifically:

  • How to make sure your website takes full advantage of organic search in your trading area with a full page of “Cash for Clunker” text including a clear call to contact your dealership.
  • How to use this text-optimized landing page for Google Adwords- Pay-For-Click
  • How to develop your online and offline marketing graphics and mailers for maximum impact that comply with the NHTSA
  • How some are using a merge of dealership customer lists and external data sources to identify prospects or customers who might qualify for a CARS credit
  • How to decide whether or not to employ outside data to identify “predicted” Cash for Clunkers candidates
  • How to develop a digital organic marketing strategy, including blogs and press releases to drive more Cash for Clunker prospects to your website
  • How to develop a cross selling strategy that emphasizes automaker rebates or sales of used vehicles to customers who do not qualify
  • How to maximize the sales related to this program in your dealership – both to those who qualify and to those who do not qualify under Cash for Clunkers guidelines.

Join us on July 28th and you will walk away with a marketing template that is sure to bring more customers through your showroom than through your competitors.  This program has only a small window of opportunity – there is no time to sit back and see how things work out.  The winners over the next couple of months will be the dealers who were proactive in seeking out this business.

Members Only Registration Details:

This 90+ minute WebCast presentation will cost you only $198!  Non-Members Pay $298 and You Save $100 because you are a Network Member!

This session will be recorded and a download of the entire program made available to every attendee at no additional charge -So you can review the marketing suggestions and share it with fellow dealership managers and marketing planners.

You will receive immediate confirmation that your registration order has been received and then within 5 days of the WebCast, specific connection details.

To register right now, online, just click here or call 800-321-5312.  If you care calling from outside the U.S. and Canada, call 609-879-4456 and ask for Member Services.

The DealersEdge Satisfaction Guarantee

All DealersEdge Webinars come with a full money-back guarantee.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason, you only need to tell us and we will issue a prompt and full refund.  We realize that purchasing a program online and in advance carries some risk.  It might not be exactly what you thought it was or what you actually need.  Not to worry – just let us know and you get all your money back.  Your total satisfaction is our utmost concern.

But we are certain that you will be more than satisfied with this presentation.  Based on Brian’s performance on four previous WebCast this year and the many positive reviews, we just know you will be fully and happily satisfied.

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