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California Fisker Dealer Taps Automotive Advertising Agency

California Fisker dealership calls on PCG Digital Marketing for help with new Internet marketing and online brand development. The California Fisker Karma dealers serve the entire Orange County area.  PCG will be working in conjunction with Feltman & Associates, a California advertising agency.

PCG Digital Marketing welcomes Fisker of Orange County to their family of growing automotive dealerships. The California Fisker dealership has contracted PCG Digital Marketing to kick-start their online marketing initiatives that will include executing Search Engine OpFisker Californiatimization strategies and managing Social Media activities such as connecting with consumers via Facebook and Twitter.

PCG Digital Marketing will guide the dealership’s Automotive Advertising strategies that include the latest opportunities in digital and social marketing.

As part of their new strategic digital marketing strategy, the California Fisker dealership will receive the most advanced automotive digital marketing strategies developed by PCG. Enhancing Fisker of Orange County’s online visibility will be accomplished through on-site and off-site SEO strategies, content development and the opportunity to join the  Automotive Advertising Network (AAN).

The AAN combined with PCG Digital Marketing’s proven strategies in Search Engine Optimization, content marketing, social media and blogging to provide dealers with an industry-leading solution for lead generation and direct sales.

Additional PCG services will include blogging, writing and publishing press releases, link building, posting customer reviews, Twitter, Facebook, Google SEO compliance, Analytics, Google Maps, video uploads and more.

The goal of Fisker of Orange County’s new Internet Marketing campaign will be to increase the frequency that their vehicles appear in local and regional search results and to generate additional traffic and leads to their business.

PCG will also train and mentor Fisker of Orange County’s Internet sales staff to eventually handle these responsibilities on their own, essentially creating an –in-house team of Internet Marketing and SEO experts. The team at Fisker of Orange County will receive on-site training from the specialists at PCG Digital Marketing in order to grow and develop their Internet sales team.

To learn more about California Fisker dealer Fisker of Orange County, please visit http://www.fiskeroforangecounty.com/.

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2011

2011 Marketing BudgetsAs business leaders review their 2011 automotive advertising and marketing budgets, the more important question is whether they have a strategy for those investments. 2011 digital marketing strategies must have funds allocated for SEO, SEM as well as Social Media.

These three categories of digital marketing expenses are not meant to slight needed testing and investment in mobile, chat and other communication channels to reach consumers.

SEO Works Well With PPC Campaigns

As an SEO strategist I’m often misquoted as not being a fan of Pay-Per-Click advertising which is far from the truth. Some people believe that SEO advocates have an aversion to PPC because it undermines the importance of their work.

Pay-Per-Click is more important than ever with recent changes in Google search results which combines Google Places data and traditional organic listings. For most businesses, the broadest keyword searches are not practical to expect their website to appear on Google Page One.

This fact, combined with the massive “block” of text created by Google Places, and appearing at the top of Page One becomes even more valuable.

Practical Keyword Goals Avoids Dissapointment

For example, a Toyota dealer in Littleton Massachusetts can not expect to be on Google Page One when a consumer searches for “2011 Toyota Camry” or “Toyota Camry MSRP”. These types of broad searches are perfect candidates for PPC. Just make sure that you are testing the click results generated by the words you choose to include in your campaign.

Automotive SEO comes on strong when the consumer types of search phrases that include local town or anchor cities near a local business. In this case, you can expect for a Toyota dealer to appear on page one for “used Toyota Boston”. So a strong SEO attack can help reduce recurring PPC costs by generating Page One results for longer searches or searches that include a city or state target.

Keyword Driven Microsites

With those broad statements made, appearing on Google Page One for broad searches is still possible using a microsite strategy. Purchasing a domain name that exactly matches the search phrase you want to optimize is the first step. Then creating a website with good content on this domain is next. Finally creating external links and traffic to this microsite will normally get the site on Google Page One nationally in 30-90 days.

Examples of this approach for many industries include searches for these phrases that create a microsite with the exact match to be #1 in Google without a geo-targeting word:

  • BMW Used Cars
  • Pick and Pick
  • Distribution Warehouse
  • Internet Sales Manager
  • Infiniti Warranty
  • 2010 Acura TL

When you create microsites for a local market, they can become even more powerful like these examples below:

  • Miami Used Cars
  • Buffalo Used Cars
  • Buffalo Ford
  • Seattle Jeep

Social Media Advertising  and Social Media Engagement

The third pillar of a strong 2011 Digital Marketing Strategy is to include investments and testing in social media engagement and advertising. Many companies are finding that paid advertising on Facebook has been generating a high ROI. This investment is generating sales today.

Social Media Engagement is really not ideally suited for selling something today but is best seen as a way to ensure that in the future, consumers will select your brand. Engaging and providing real value to consumers on Facebook will provide and annuity of good will, sales, and eventually lower your cost per

Do You Have A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Does your business have a digital marketing plan and strategy for 2011? Having a budget does not constitute a strategy. If all your doing is updating your website and sending your cars out to Cars.com and Autotrader.com, you don’t have a digital strategy.

Have you taken the time to document how you will measure success? Have you created the reports that will be needed to analyze the data, traffic, and sales results?

Dealer Principals and General Managers can no longer leave this important area of their business to run without significant thought, measurement, testing, and accountability. If you need help, you should call an experienced digital marketing company. The longer you operate without a strategy, the more opportunities will be handed over to your competitors.

Join The Conference

If you would like to join with your peers to finalize your 2011 Digital Marketing Strategies, I suggest you register for the 2011 Digital Marketing Strategies Conference February 1-3, 2011 in the Napa Valley.

The conference is scheduled just before the start of the NADA Convention. At the end of the conference attendees will be taken to San Francisco to register for the NADA Convention.

Visit http://www.digitalmarketingstrategies.org

Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Digital Marketing

Automotive Website Awards Identifies Industry Leaders

PCG Digital Marketing today released the results of their highly anticipated 2010 Automotive Website Awards (AWA).  The results of the 3rd annual study were announced at an awards ceremony in Las Vegas this morning, preceding the official start of the 9th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition.

The 2010 Automotive Website Award study included a review of more than 45 automotive website providers and highlights several companies as industry leaders in automotive search marketing, and for the first time, website design and website technology. The new award categories are a result of the industry’s response to the popular Automotive Search Marketing Awards (ASMA) which will continue under the AWA “search” category.   The ASMA awards are the standard for recognizing website platforms that excel in organic search.

In the Automotive Website Design category, awards were given for three classifications of automotive website platforms: dealership websites, manufacturer websites and third party automotive advertising websites.

In the Automotive Website Technology category, website platforms were evaluated on innovative core technology that stood above their peers.

2010 Automotive Website Award Winners

The 2010 Search Marketing awards are structured in three categories:

Phoenix Awards – Representing website companies that have released an impressive redesign of their website technology that will result in significant upside performance, features and functionality to their customers. Phoenix award winning platforms will be a force to be reckoned with in 2011.

Peak Performance – Representing website companies that have the search marketing architecture and feature set that will provide their clients with a strong competitive advantage online. Peak Performance winners are members of an elite group, which represent platforms that will enable dealers to create an unfair competitive advantage in their local markets.

Pinnacle Platform – The Pinnacle award is the highest recognition we provide in the AWA Search Marketing category. The companies receiving this award have designed and delivered search compliant websites that stood above their peers.

Pinnacle Platform winners deliver outstanding digital marketing platforms for car dealers and show an unprecedented attention to detail in live production. These automotive platforms reached the pinnacle for scoring in our AWA benchmarks and live testing, which demonstrates that these companies practice what they preach.

2010 AWA Pinnacle Platform Award winners, our highest award for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 AWA Peak Performance Award winners for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 AWA Phoenix Award winners for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 Website Design winners by category are:

The 2010 Website Technology winners by category are:

The results of the 2010 AWA report were announced to attendees of the 9th Digital Dealer conference in Las Vegas at an awards ceremony.

Download the Automotive Website Awards full report.

Innovative Dealer Summit

Brian Pasch, founder and CEO of PCG Digital Marketing, will present at the Innovative Dealer Summit, September 8, 2010. Pasch’s leadership message is entitled: “Car Dealers are Under Attack.”

Brian will walk attendees of The Innovative Dealership Summit through the unforeseen negative consequences of car dealers participating in popular inventory advertising models that are actually hurting their own direct website traffic!

Brian Pasch will also give examples of how car dealers can fight back against online attacks on their brand name by third parties, national publications and their competition.

2010 Innovative Dealer Summit

Denver, The Mile High City, will host representatives of the automotive industry at the Marriott Denver South at Park Meadows for a day-long leadership program on the latest in innovative technologies, social media marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management, sales, service, customer satisfaction, profitability and more.

Summit attendees will include dealer principals/owners, general managers, senior dealership managers and directors, Internet sales managers, business development managers, F&I managers, key dealership leaders, sales leadership, advertising and marketing consultants, controllers and other key decision makers.

Tim Jackson, director of the Innovative Dealer Summit, said, “Brian’s presentation will be very timely and one of the most popular and interesting of the conference.” The Summit will feature 30 emerging, compelling topics during the 12-hour conference.”

Brian Pasch Among Featured Guests

Brian Pasch, CEO and Founder of PCG Digital Marketing is a popular speaker and writer on digital marketing strategies for the automotive industry. He is an active blogger on the most visited social networks and forums for car dealers who seek to learn more about SEO, SEM, social media and leveraging the Internet to grow dealership sales.

Brian Pasch is also creator of the popular ASMA Awards which recognizes the best digital marketing platforms in the automotive industry. The awards will be presented this year at the 9th Digital Dealer COnference and Exposition in Las Vegas, October 13, 2010.

Pasch also recently announced the largest Automotive SEO Study for car dealers which will start on September 1, 2010.  The study will include 100 car dealers and span four months.  The results will be presented at the 2011 NADA Convention in San Francisco.

The Innovative Dealer Summit was created as a directive and priority of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association. For more information visit www.innovativedealersummit.com

About Innovative Dealer Summit

  • Scheduled from 8am to 8pm, September 8, 2010
  • 36 action-packed hours of training during a 12-hour period
  • Nationally recognized auto retail thought-leaders
  • Top Internet marketing wizards will address dealers